What a Long, Strange Trip

Specials for Sun, August 24

Sunday “Best at the Beach” Brunch

Yup, that about says it! Award winning and one of kind with over 100+ items to choose from! homemade waffles, toppings bar, seafood and carved meat station, build your own omelet station, bloody mary bar, dessert bar by Ruthie our in house pastry chef, french toast, all of our cue', and surf bagels to boot!  Join us for bloody mary and mimosa specials!  Bring your kids for the kids buffet with mini donuts, mac and cheese, chicken tenders, and mini pancakes with tater tots! Some holidays times, prices, and menus may be different please call for details during all major holidays!

Specials for Mon, August 25

Build your Burger night in our bar!

Come sit at or in the bar area and enjoy a cool special that is one of a kind, so far anyway, till our competition gets a hold of it! Choose from over 40 toppings, go ahead, pile em' as high as you want! The burger starts at just $5 with BBQ chips or fries if you want em', most toppings are free, some are a couple cents, and other special ones may cost ya....just a little.  Either way it's fun! So if you're feeling FUNGRY, that's fun and hungry, then swing on in with your peeps and enjoy!

Specials for Tue, August 26

Smoked Fried Chicken Night

Now get your fill with either a whole bird, half bird, or a quarter bird!  Why's ours the best you ask? Come and try it for yourself.  There's a reason why we won DE State Wing champs too, because we do chicken right. 24 hour brined, slow smoked and flash fried gives you an amazing flavor that can't be beat! For around $12 or less it can't be matched! 4pm start time!

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In our quest to bring you the best BBQ you have ever tasted, we traveled all over the country to find out what makes great BBQ great. From Rochester, New York to Memphis, Tennessee to Driftwood, Texas, we found that the two universal requirements for awesome barbecue are patience and 100% wood smoke. No gas, no electricity. That is why our BBQ tastes authentic. Our smoker is completely wood fired and was built for us in Mesquite, Texas where BBQ is more than food, it’s a religion.