BBQ Cooking Class at Bethany Location

BBQ Cooking Class at Bethany Location

Bethany Blues is known for amazing barbecue. From meaty ribs to smoky brisket, they bring the heat with their meat. If you’ve ever wondered how the chefs at Blues attain that perfect flavor, now is your big chance to get insider tips and secrets at their first-ever Barbecue Cooking Class on March 25th from 12-2PM at the Bethany Beach location.

Bethany Blues loves hosting events where they have a chance to teach customers more about what sets their barbecue apart from the pack. Events Coordinator for the Bethany location, Tiffany Cordeaux, is excited to offer a unique learning experience. “This is going to be a fun event where customers can learn new techniques they can incorporate into their home cooking.”

The class will be a hands-on learning experience for participants, complete with a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen and meat smoker. The day will offer a specialized lesson on three different types of meat: ribs, brisket, and pork. At the end of the lesson, everyone will go home with some barbecue as well as some of Bethany Blues’ delicious rubs and sauces.

The class will accommodate up to 20 people and costs $50. It includes all your barbecue supplies, the take-home goodies including rubs and sauces, and non-alcoholic beverages. Come and sink your teeth into a rib-sticking cooking class only at Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach. To register for the class please call 302-537-1500.