Bethany Blues Focuses on Fundraising

Bethany Blues Focuses on Fundraising

What if fundraising for your organization was as simple as, say, going out to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants? This is precisely the aim that Bethany Blues takes with their Dine and Donate program, which runs October 1st– May 1st at both the Lewes and the Bethany Beach locations. If your local organization needs a venue for fundraising with a straightforward approach, the Dine and Donate program is the perfect way to raise money, awareness, and to enjoy mouthwatering meals at either Bethany Blues restaurant location.

“The concept makes fundraising accessible and easy for organizations of all sizes,” says Jessica Nathan, Director of Operations for the Lewes location. “We want to encourage the use of our restaurants for these types of community events. There is nothing we value more than the people we serve, and this is a way to help them connect and get what they need.”

Both restaurants are available for the Dine and Donate program on Mondays and Tuesdays during the off-season. Once a fundraiser is on the calendar, the restaurant issues tickets to be distributed to the patrons of that fundraiser. On the designated evening, they come in, eat, enjoy themselves, and upon presenting the ticket to their server at the end of the meal, 15% of the check will be donated back to the cause. In addition, many organizers enjoy putting up silent auctions, raffles, or setting up tables at the front of the restaurant to raise awareness.

“Based on the size and needs of the specific fundraiser, we are willing to accommodate,” explains Nathan. “And we have great spaces, so it’s ideal whether it’s a school district, a private organization, or a small group.” The thing that Blues wants to stress: come and sign up! They love being a part of fundraising and benevolence in the community.

Finding a fundraising medium and venue can sometimes be a challenge, and through the Dine and Donate program, Bethany Blues is hoping to take the guess work out the process, and allow people to enjoy doing something good without all the additional stressors. For more information on the program, please contact Tiffany Cordeaux for the Bethany location at or by calling 302.537.1500. For events at the Lewes location, contact their catering team, Kathy or Nicole Giannella, at or or by phone at 302.644.2500.