Bethany Blues Welcomes Back the Locals

Bethany Blues Welcomes Back the Locals

The 2018 summer season is now in the rearview mirror, and Bethany Blues is ready for locals’ season to begin! The Lewes and Bethany Beach locations are gearing up for their fall specials as they look forward to seeing all the familiar faces they’ve missed during the breakneck summer months.

Zach Warner, Director of Operations, is excited for the steady hum of the fall months. He says, “Summer is busy, and we love that, but the slower pace of fall is a welcome part of our year. It’s when we get to see all our locals, take a deep breath and really dig into some great events.” To those ends, the restaurants are planning two customer appreciation parties in September and October to welcome everyone back in style.

When it comes to rolling out the welcome wagon, Blues’ of Lewes loves to start the shoulder season with their highly anticipated Bluesapalooza. The annual party, hosted at the Lewes location, will be Tuesday, September 18th at 5PM. Blues will be serving up the juiciest barbecue and other selected menu items along with drink specials and live music for their one-of-a-kind customer appreciation party.

Then, in October, Blues in Bethany Beach will go for round two with their customer appreciation party on October 23rd from 5-9PM. The evening will feature  speed bingo, off-season food specials, and several drink specials.

But you don’t have to wait to enjoy all the great food and special events. Starting on September 17th, the Bethany Beach location will begin their fall specials, with the Lewes location beginning theirs the following week, September 24th (following Bluesapalooza). At both locations, there is something every single day of the week to keep you coming back to your favorite hang out. From bingo and burgers, to taco Tuesdays featuring their award-winning nachos and totchos (yes people, tater tot nachos!), to Friday Rye-day,  college football on Saturdays and their exquisite brunch each Sunday, everyday is a good day to stop over to Blues!

As the kids head back to school, and things settle down around our beach communities, Bethany Blues invites you to come and occupy your favorite barstool at either of their locations. It’s locals’ season, and they cant’ wait to re-introduce you to all the bourbon, barbecue, and Blues’ you’ve been missing! For more information on individual location specials, please visit us on Facebook or at