Bethany Blues of Lewes is excited to team up with another Delaware-based business, Blue Earl Brewing, out of Smyrna, to serve up another beer paring dinner on Tuesday, May 21st. Throughout the shoulder season, Bethany Blues has been hosting extraordinary pairing dinners and this is one last dinners of the season. Don’t miss out on snagging a ticket to one of the last pairing meals before the summer season takes over! 

The brewery was founded by self-proclaimed simple man, Ronnie “Blue” Earl Price who has always loved barbecue and the soulful draw of blues, but lately felt like all the good American beers were overrun by mass production. So, in an effort to pair with barbecue simply and exquisitely, he founded his own brewery. The result is a beer that does, in fact, pair very well with barbecue, and of course, his philosophy doesn’t fall too far from that of Bethany Blues! 

“He made his beer for barbecue, and well, we love to pair our barbecue with great beer. So this is a natural fit for us!” Says Nicole Giannella, Bethany Blues Catering Manager and Pastry Chef. Giannella is excited about the pairing, and in particular, the final course she’s putting forward. “Creating desserts to pair with beer is a lot of fun, and this time I am working with a chocolate hazelnut porter.” Giannella is making a chocolate hazelnut caramel roll to pair with the beer. She says, “The strong and chocolatey flavors are a great way to end the meal, and the combo is going to be rich and delicious.” 

The other courses are sure to impress with beer features that range from a Belgian-style blonde ale to a thicker Belgian Tripel, and a hoppy American India Pale Ale. The elevated cuisine doesn’t veer too far from the delicious barbecue you’ve come to know from Bethany Blues, but adds great seasonal touches and an air of sophistication. These dinners are social, as well as being a fun way to get to know a new brewery from top to bottom. 

Get your tickets online for this truly Delaware-centric beer and barbecue dinner! There are 30 tickets available and they are $48 each, not including gratuity. Come and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Bethany of Blues of Lewes! Visit to get your tickets while you still can!