Bethany Blues of Lewes has been hard at work on their stunning new renovations and they are excited to announce that the second phase is now complete. That means the dining room and bars are now reopened, in addition to their carry out section, Blues Express, and they are excited to welcome people back as the Spring season gets underway.

Jessica Nathan, Director of Operations for Blues, is really proud of the hard work and forward momentum the renovations bring for the establishment. She says, “One of the things I am so proud of is the re-invention of the space. The industrial look that we started with 12 years ago has now evolved into a more modern version of itself, and it’s comforting and warm. We always want our experience to speak to the needs of our customers, and to echo the heartbeat of the industry. We believe we hit that mark.”

One of the most intriguing new spaces in Blues is the brand new Lounge Bar that was created in the back of the restaurant. It’s an interesting space because the idea was to open the entirety of the restaurant into a more cohesive, single experience, with an intimate caveat dedicated to bourbon. And that is precisely what the Lounge Bar accomplishes. It is a place made for relaxation, conversation, and slow drinking, but with a full view of the whole restaurant, so you’re simultaneously on the periphery, and still a part of the action.

When Bethany Blues first opened, they always had that bourbon and barbecue mission, and over time, as bourbon has become such a culture of its own, having a bar dedicated to continuing the narrative of high end bourbon made a ton of sense.

Blues has always been an ambassador of all things bourbon and now they have the Lounge Bar for customers who see them as a center of the local bourbon culture. The space is about more than just coming into a bar and tasting the bourbon, it’s about craft cocktails and learning how to taste the intricacies of different bourbons, interacting with the bartenders, and being submerged in a place that celebrates the creative points of different types of whiskey.

From local distilleries, to true Kentucky bourbon, to whiskey from around the world, and Ryan Minnick’s barrel aged cocktails, the bourbon menu is constantly and organically expanding.

Bethany Blues of Lewes has a ton of new beautiful features, and more is just around the corner as they plan to complete renovations on the outside of the building for even more wonderful dining and hanging options. Come and see what all the buzz is about, and stay tuned for the official announcement of the Grand Re-Opening, which will be coming in the weeks ahead!!