Bethany Blues is known for their premium whiskey selections, and they are unveiling their private select barrel which they have dubbed the “$100 Barrel.” Just

two weeks before everything closed because of the global pandemic, Steve “Monty” Montgomery and Jim Weisgerber took their staff, as well as the staff from The Coastal Tap Room in Lewes, on their annual trip to the bourbon capital of the World, Louisville, Kentucky.

The yearly pilgrimage to Kentucky is where they make the rounds of distilleries and collectively choose their select barrel for the upcoming whiskey season. This year’s distillery was Maker’s Mark.

Zach Warner, Director of Operations for the Bethany Beach location explains, “The story of how we chose the barrel and why it’s called the $100 barrel is a great glimpse into our special blend of competition and camaraderie that has always defined our teams at our different locations.”

So why is this year’s selection called the $100 Barrel? As the group sat at a local dive, in Loretto called the Cozy Corner, getting the rundown of their day and eating lunch, Montgomery and Weisgerber decided to formulate a bet. The two quickly started divvying up the group into two teams of tasters and wagered $100 that their respective teams could reign victorious in a barrel selection showdown.

As the two teams entered the darkened tasting room, which was filled with beakers and other distilling equipment, they were given a plethora of bourbons to sample. The tastings are nuanced in their differences because they include different types of oak finishing staves. These staves have been charred a certain way, or cut another, changing the flavor of the spirit. These subtle differences can then be blended to create a specific flavor profile.

Once they had tasted and concocted all these blends, Montgomery’s team was ultimately the champions, and thus was created what is now known as the $100 Barrel. Weisgerber, being now $100 poorer and no worse for the wear, was forced to concede defeat. Warner, who was on the winning team, says, “Our selection is warm and has smooth fall spices like cardamom, allspice, and a slight vanilla note to it. These elements are ideal for the upcoming season.”

Both Bethany Blues locations are pouring their exclusive $100 Barrel selection, and using them in their cocktails as well as for sipping. They will be pouring the barrel while supplies last, but Blues will also be offering a limited amount of their bottles for sale as holiday gifts. The 112.4 proof Maker’s Mark select whiskey makes a great holiday gift for the enthusiast in your life, and they will be available for purchase at both locations.

So come in and give Bethany Blues’ $100 Barrel a sip. The bars are currently open with limited seating. Reservations are required and you must order food to sit at the bar. For more information visit