Bethany Blues is known for their decadent, off-season bourbon pairing dinners where the chefs are versed in crafting menus using bourbon in the dishes. These dinners pair alongside bourbon for a singular, coursed experience that patrons love. But during the summer months, there are also lots of refreshing and lighter pairings for bourbon and menu items that customers can mix and match themselves to enjoy together.

Management, in conjunction with their seasoned staff of bartenders, worked diligently to roll out a summer cocktail menu that features bourbon drinks that are refreshing and delightful. These drinks really make the meal when paired with some of the lighter menu items.

While the craft cocktails, like the Knob Creek Lemonade, go great with barbecue items, the staff at Blues want you to think beyond. Try our freshly squeezed Knob Creek Lemonade with the crab dip, or mussels. Branch out with a ginger zing in a bourbon mule, served in the traditional copper mug, and a juicy burger. Or go for a bourbon crush and a fresh seafood item.

The bourbon cocktails are the perfect treat for the season, and at Bethany Blues, the new twist on old classics like the Smoked Cherry Old Fashion are right on trend. Come and explore the menu and see what pairing satisfy your palate. Ask your server or bartender for a recommendation, and you’ll be feeling adventurous and refreshed all in one sitting.

When summer heats up, keep it cool with Bethany Blues. Whether you are relaxing at the outdoor, pet friendly patio with a smooth and spicy bourbon mule, or inside enjoying the atmosphere (and air conditioning) with an original bourbon crush, we are ready to serve up a dose of summer refreshment. For more information come on in or visit