Sandy Black has been in the business of creation for over 15 years, crafting everything from home decor, like table top corn hole, to signs and other personal pieces of interest. Traditionally, she was traveling to craft shows selling her wares with her business partner and sister, until she retired about 3 years ago. When her husband retried last year, the two of them made their vacation residence at the beach into their permanent residence and now they call Sussex County their home. 

As they rolled into a new beach-centered lifestyle, they also decided to embark on a new business endeavor together, helping others to enjoy what they call their “Create n’ Take” nights, where they help people craft their own serving trays, palate signs, and porch signs. 

“These are the types of projects most people want to do on their own,” says Black, “but many people aren’t sure where to start and there are so many supplies to purchase.” Black says this is an easy way to introduce yourself to the process of making this style of decoration, and it’s ideal because they do a lot of the behind the scenes work. For example, Black and her husband purchase, cut, sand, and prep the wood for the signs as well as creating the personalized stencils. 

“I want people to know that this is really easy and fun,” Black says. “People get quite nervous because they worry they need to have strong artistic ability. You don’t need any experience—no one has to free hand. We walk you through the whole process and it’s fun and the result is a beautiful product.” Should anything go wrong, Black knows how to help clients fix it as well as how to do touch ups. 

She is especially excited about their upcoming events at Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach, on April 9th and 22nd, where her participants are treated to happy hour pricing all night long. She says it adds extra incentive for her Create n’ Take clients to come and enjoy a well-rounded evening that includes dinner and drinks. 

Come and see why Create n’ Take has become the latest group event to gain popularity! Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach is the perfect place to dine, craft, and enjoy an evening out. You must go on Black’s website to book your spot, and she encourages everyone to check out the variety of packages, which can vary by evening. Sign ups need to be done a week in advance so that Black can generate customized stencils for each customer. For more information, and to sign up, please visit