Featured Fridays Offer Exclusive Tastes

Featured Fridays Offer Exclusive Tastes

Bethany Blues is synonymous with whiskey and if you are hankering to try some of the most rare and exclusive whiskeys, Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach’s Featured Fridays is the place to indulge. Every Friday evening, Neal Bepko starts the vibe with live music from 5-7 P.M. and it’s the perfect background to sit and sip on whiskey.

For many, tasting whiskey can seem like an intimidating proposition, but whether you are an experienced connoisseur or a complete novice, Featured Fridays are for you. They feature three whiskeys each Friday, a limited, a rare, and the holy grail in both one and two-ounce pours. Their levels of classification can denote exclusivity of the whiskeys, but as many quickly learn, it doesn’t always predict what flavor you might favor. From smooth Kentucky bourbons to Japanese single malt whiskeys, the flavors can vary quite vastly.

You can try the featured whiskeys any way you like: as an up neat pour, on the rocks, or in a bourbon cocktail, like the old-fashioned, which Director of Operations, Zach Warner, feels is one of the best whiskey drinks around. “The old-fashioned just doesn’t get the credit it deserves,” Warner says. “Basics like this are the staples of whiskey drinks because they really are so delicious.”

Warner is serious about his whiskey, and knows that given the exposure, he can make a whiskey lover out of just about anyone. And that’s the goal. Featured Fridays give customers the chance to taste whiskey from the private collection that Bethany Blues has amassed, and it really is a golden opportunity. While enjoying the whiskeys in cocktails is a classic way to go, Warner also suggests bringing in a group and having a shared, sensory experience.

Sitting with a group and having the tasting experience of three to four whiskeys is quite eye-opening. While some whiskey may smell as though it’s got quite a bite, the finish of it can be smooth. Other whiskey with a lighter smell may taste more oaky than anticipated. Hints of vanilla in certain varieties can delight and surprise. It’s all part of the fun of the side-by-side comparison. And when comparing with a group, it’s interesting to see how palates can vary from person to person.

Featured Fridays bring a new level of socialization to a whiskey tasting experience. Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach and their friendly, knowledgable staff is ready to roll you into the weekend with exclusive whiskey that will put you in the perfect state of mind. For more information on the whiskeys that will be featured, as well as specials, check in our FaceBook page:  https://www.facebook.com/bethanybluesbethanybeach/.