Heavy Seas Beer Expo in Bethany

Heavy Seas Beer Expo in Bethany

Bethany Blues in Bethany Beach is known for hosting innovative pairing dinners. From their scotch-whiskey centered dinner, to bourbon dinners, and beer pairings, Director of Operations Zach Warner knows a lot about food and beverage parings that work together to enhance the dining experience. As a riff on those already successful ventures, Warner is rolling out a Beer Expo featuring Heavy Seas brewery that welcomes a new format with a casual twist.

The Beer Expo at the Bethany location will feature a laid-back atmosphere, and lots of food stations that each have a paired beer option. Like past events, the beers are not only being served alongside the food selections, but they are incorporated in the preparation of the food as well. This adds a playful element to the expo, and gives guests a little something extra to help broaden their palates. Making the menus is half the fun for events like this, and Warner works closely with the staff to achieve a culinary vision that marries well with the beverages of choice.

The five stations include burger sliders with beer battered onion rings, tacos with beer braised chicken, street corn, homemade pretzels with beer cheese, and for dessert, a s’more station. Each dish has a signature beer paired with it, and they are covering the map from creamy stouts to lighter golden beers. The stations give a more of a laid-back vibe to the event, and everyone can come and pace themselves and enjoy the casual ambiance of Bethany Blues.

The Heavy Seas Beer Expo is being held on Sunday, February 19th from 6-9 P.M. tickets can be purchased for $50 and include everything you need to have a great time. Only 50 tickets are available for the event, so be sure to get your ASAP. To purchase, visit ONLINE  or call 302-537-1500.