For Stephen Jacobs, also known as “Stevie J,” acting is ingrained in his formative experiences. Having attended The Southern Delaware School of the Arts since its inception in 1998, when Jacobs was in the first grade, performance and art are second nature to him. “I’ve always felt really comfortable on the stage,” says Jacobs.

After graduating high school, Jacobs fine tuned his improvisation skills in a ruckus group run by local theater teacher David Warwick. But last year, Jacobs decided to take the step to form his own improv group, Delmarva Improv Group. Over the last year the group, comprised of 5 permanent members, started doing shows at Mio Frattello in Fenwick Island, where they played to sold out crowds. They also began adding shows at Dicken’s Parlour Theater in Millville, which again, have sold out the house each time.

Part of the magic is in the assemblage of the group, is the 5 individuals, including Jacobs, who round out a band of players working hard to bring the laughs. When Jacobs decided to found the group, his first call was to Ruthie Parramor, a former boss of his at a local bakery. “We would be baking at 3AM and she would be singing and cracking jokes the whole time, so I knew it was a perfect fit.” says Jacobs. Then there is Bob Kemp, of local Holly Kia commercial fame, who Jacobs says brings huge personality and energy.

“Next, I called Lisa [Condon],” he recalls, “she’s so skilled, and brings a fun and seductive side to the stage.” And their fifth member is DJ Magellen, who Jacobs met through the wedding circuit where DJ Magellen was working and Jacobs was Emceeing. DJ Magellen provides the group with music, sound effects and acting!

The other part, says Jacobs, is the group’s deliberate willingness to be evolutionary. “We started out as a straight improv group, but we’ve started doing some stand up, some improv, and some written sketches, and so it’s like a comedy variety show at this point.” And it’s been a smashing success.

Now, Delmarva Improv Group will be lending their improvisational and acting skillset to Bethany Blues at their Noble Experiment party—a Prohibition Era themed cocktail party raising money for Cocktails Curing Cancer—on December 5th. Four of the five members will be on hand, completely cloaked in character for the entire evening.

The group is writing tailored storylines and material for their characters, drawing directly from historical fact. Jacobs says expect some laughs, for sure, but also expect their bits to run as historically accurately as possible. The attention to detail will give this event the sparkle that it deserves for such a special event, and one with local Prohibition ties to the shores of Bethany Beach.

The Noble Experiment Party happening at Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach will be a fully immersive Prohibition Era experience. Watch one of your favorite local watering holes transform itself into a speakeasy with dueling pianos, bootleggers, flappers, and all the decadence of the 1920s! The entire evening will benefit Cocktails Curing Cancer, and be an event of epic, champagne-flavored proportion.

To purchase tickets (starting at just $35), visit And to get a load of all the wild rumpus being cooked up by the Delmarva Improv Group, follow them on Facebook: