If you’ve ever wanted to learn the fine art of crafting cocktails, then Bethany Blues of Lewes has the perfect event to hone your mixology skills. Blues of Lewes, in conjunction with Sagamore Spirits, will be hosting their first ever “Cocktail Lab,” on Thursday, September 26th. The lab will feature rye whiskey cocktails in a hands-on experience of mixing and tasting.

“Not only will customers have the chance to learn about crafting classic cocktails, but they will also have the chance to mix up their own creations,” says Nicole Giannella, Catering Manager at the Lewes location. “From the customer created line-up, we will choose one winner, and their drink will be featured in our October specials. That adds a new, competitive layer to the event that will be extra fun!” In addition to being featured, the winner will also nab a Sagamore Swag Bag with lots of goodies in it!

When it comes to mixing up a variety of spirits, the Baltimore distillery has some delicious options. Sagamore Spirits feature a diverse collection of rye whiskies that each have a distinct flavor profile. For the Cocktail Lab, Heather Shapiro, Region Manager from Sagamore Spirits, will be featuring several varieties of whiskey including the signature, cask, double oak, cognac finish, and the Bethany Blues barrel select.

She and her colleague will lead the group through making a proper old fashioned and a Manhattan before loosing them with their own ingredients to come up with signature cocktails.  

The evening begins at 6PM and the cost is $30 per person. Light appetizers, snacks, and a welcome cocktail will all be served, in addition to tasting the drinks the bartenders are mixing up. This is going to be highly interactive, as well as educational, and of course, it comes with all the ambiance and flair of any Bethany Blues event!

To get signed up visit their website at www.bethanyblues.com, and don’t wait! This event is capped at 30 participants! Bethany Blues can’t wait to see what fancy libation will be featured on their October specials, so stay tuned to see who wins out in this mix-tastic adventure of an evening!