Plant Nite at Both Locations

Plant Nite at Both Locations

For Planting Coach Denise Bradshaw, the Plant Nites she runs are a hybrid species of entrepreneurial dreams and artful expression. With a background in farming, horticulture is a concept that Bradshaw naturally loves, and so helping others make beautiful planters that they can care for is fun and fulfilling. It’s been about a year since Bradshaw brought her planting extravaganza into both Bethany Blues locations, and the evenings have, well, grown! 

“What people really like is that, although we have a theme, we aren’t all doing the same thing. Everyone does something a little different.” Bradshaw loves this creative element to the planting.

She comes into both locations, Lewes every first Tuesday of the month, and Bethany Beach every fourth Tuesday of the month. Each night has its own theme, from rustic style planters to beach themed ones, and Bradshaw brings everything from the planters to stones and even crystals to adorn your creations. But it goes beyond the esthetics of the plants, it’s also educational. 

Bradshaw will give tutorials on plant care, including watering and where to place your plant, as well as proper drainage of the plants, and even how to pick the plant that best suits your personal care style. For example, some plants need less care and attention than others. Bradshaw’s warm personality and down-to-earth style make for a really fun evening learning about the plants and creating a one-of-a-kind piece for your home, or as a gift! 

Nicole Gianella, Catering Manager and Pastry Chef at the Lewes Location, says, “This place gets totally packed! Some Plant Nites we have up to fifty people participating, so I would say it’s highly popular.” Gianella says a lot of people come and take advantage of the Tuesday Night Special: tacos, totchos, and tequila specials, and then the planting begins at 7PM. 

To sign up for the Plant Nites at either the Lewes or Bethany Beach location, visit “Plant Nite Dover” on Facebook and pick your night! Follow the event link to sign up and for payment. Bethany Blues loves hosting these evenings, and hopes to see some familiar, local faces over these winter months for both the planting, and the TNT specials they run each Tuesday! If you have any questions, give them a buzz at either location!