Private Stash Bourbon Pairing Dinner in Bethany

Private Stash Bourbon Pairing Dinner in Bethany

Enjoying bourbon is one of the cornerstones of the Bethany Blues philosophy, and they are always aiming to bring their customers exciting experiences to sample new bourbon. On Tuesday, April 10th at the Bethany Beach location, the chefs are preparing a culinary adventure where high end barbecue meets smoky bourbon for a coursed, Bourbon Dinner that will knock your socks off.

“This menu showcases culinary ability, and features bourbon paired perfectly with each course,” says Tiffany Cordeaux, Event Coordinator for the Bethany Beach location. Pairing bourbon with meals, she explains, is different than pairing other alcohol in that it’s meant to be a complementary partnership. “Bourbon packs a punch, and so we match that in the cooking with bold flavors that stands up to some of our smoothest whiskeys.”

The experience of a bourbon dinner is one that everyone should have—perfect for those well-versed in bourbon as well as novices, and everyone in between. Each dish will feature bourbon in both the culinary aspect and the hand pour. With five succulent courses, beginning with a charcuterie board and moving through to an oyster truffle chowder, and onto courses featuring duck and pork shank, the evening is crafted with every detail in mind.

As for the bourbons that will be featured, those who come to dine that evening will be treated to an exclusive selection of top-shelf whiskey and bourbon from the private collection. Many of the dinners have featured the elusive Pappy Van Winkle, a coveted bourbon, as well as hard to find Japanese whiskeys and many more. Diners get to make their selections for each course, and can even jot down notes on their favorites throughout the meal.

Come and feast on a bourbon dinner tailored for both foodies and bourbon lovers alike at the intimate Bethany Beach location. Twelve tickets are available for $165 (gratuity included) for Tuesday, April 10th. The dinner event is from 6-9PM. For more information or to purchase your entry to this exclusive culinary experience, please go to and visit the “store” section to purchase tickets.