On December 5, 2019, Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach transformed itself from one of the best barbecue restaurants at the beach into an undercover speakeasy from the 1920s. They hosted a sold out event dubbed “The Noble Experiment,” a decadent, high end cocktail party thrown for Cocktails Curing Cancer, a 501c3 charitable organization run by Lisa Condon, that raises money to help combat cancers of all kinds.

“We were so excited for the opportunity to partner with Cocktails Curing Cancer,” says Nicole Giannella, Catering Manager. “The entire theme of the evening really made for a jovial event, and it was hard to believe we were at Bethany Blues—the place was transformed!” From dueling pianos to gambling in the name of benevolence, the entire evening had an air of sophistication and whimsy as everyone dressed in their 1920s best for an unparalleled party.

The Prohibition Party was not only a great, revelrous time, but it also brought in a good amount of money that will stay at work, right here in Sussex County. It is partnerships like this, that marry the concepts of having a great time while doing good, that are a cornerstone of fundraising at Bethany Blues.

Through the ticket sales for the event itself, Bethany Blues contributed $1,301.25. Along with the silent auctions items and individual donations, Condon was able to donate a lump sum of $6,000.00 to Beebe Medical Center, slated for the new The South Coastal Cancer Center, that will begin servicing cancer patients as soon as early spring.

“Our organization throws one huge party a year and donates the money raised through the event, silent auction, and individual donors.” Says Condon, a cancer survivor herself. “For the past several years our beneficiary has been Beebe Hospital, and we donated to them again this year.”

Bethany Blues would like to thank Lisa Condon, and Cocktails Curing Cancer, for their partnership in this event as well as All About U Salon and Spa and Eastern Shore Make Up for their styling talents for the evening! Special thanks to Sagamore Spirit Rye from Maryland and Dad’s Hat Rye from Bristol, Pennsylvania, which were the featured spirits of the evening. And, of course, the evening would never have been what it was without all of the attendees who came to enjoy the roaring party!!

Pictured in photo (left to right) 

Zach Warner, Kay Young, Regina Ashcraft, Karen Kampmann, Christine Bohner, Lisa Condon, Italia Ashcraft, Tom Protak, and Rory Baldini