Bethany Blues has worked hard to foster a culture of cooperation and partnership on both the micro and macro levels. From the tight-knit staff to their partnerships with distilleries and other service providers, relationships are one of the keys to success for the two beach-area restaurants. So when they started partnering with Sagamore Spirits a couple of years ago, they knew the two cultures would mesh easily and lead to great things. 

Sagamore Spirits Distillery is based in Baltimore, nestled along the water in Port Covington, and it’s as much a hip, revolutionary company as it a throwback to a simpler time. In this way, Bethany Blues is perfectly aligned with the distillery. 

“We specialize in delicious barbecue. It’s a straight forward venture, and yet we like to modernize whenever and wherever we can. It’s the same in our partnerships. We like people who also specialize in this way.” Says Jessica Nathan, Director of Operations for Bethany Blues of Lewes. 

Modernity in the whiskey industry means slowly facilitating the rise of a completely Baltimore-made product, in particular, rye whiskey, which is different from it’s bourbon counterpart in the flavor derived from the mash that constitutes it. Bourbon is made with a sweet corn mash, and rye whiskey comes from rye mash, which is bold in it’s spicy profile and has a distinct dryness to it. The application of the whiskey, Nathan and her staff have found, is also pretty flexible. 

“We’ve been able to come up with a host of creative cocktails with their various rye whiskeys and they are just out of this world.” Nathan says. From the Rye-Garita, a margarita made with their clear rye whiskey that is akin to tequila to the Sagamore Barrel Select, which is only available at Bethany Blues, rye whiskey has the potential to turn on new sets of people to the world of whiskey. The Barrel Select whiskey, for example, makes an amazing bourbon crush, the “Sagamore Crush.” 

Nicole Gianella, Catering Manager and Pastry Chef, says the upcoming Sagamore Spirits dinner is going to be one that shows off the versatility of the rye whiskey in the various cocktails, and it’s stellar ability to be paired with their barbecue. “With the private stash dinners, customers get a peek in our stash and you have to really be a person who enjoys bourbon and whiskey to get the most from those. But with this dinner, which is a true pairing dinner, there are lots of points of interest from the food to the cocktails, that casts a wider net.” 

The Sagamore Spirit dinner on January 29th begins at 6PMand will feature four courses that are paired with various cocktails.Only 30 tickets are available, and they cost $48 per person (and do not include gratuity.) To purchase tickets, please visit www.bethanyblues.com or call 302-644-2500