Bethany Blues January 31st registration at 5:30pm, and the contest starts at 6pm. To sign up email Strohm, or call the restaurant at 302-644-2500.

Kevin Roberts is inviting everyone to come out you get a $10 gift card with your entry fee. They have done with the life guards before, and they wanted to open it up to the public. It’s part of their fun philosophy.

Prize- cash prize determined by the number of people that enter, so get signed up today and you get a free order of pigs on the wing every day for a year—that’s a lot of wings! at either location. There will be other giveaways as well.

VIP card holders can register for $15 (and you still get the $10 gift card).

William “Duckie” Sheetz, a member of the Lion’s Club and a local, “He is the funniest dude, and he’s going to guest MC, which is going to be perfect. He loves pigs on the wing. He has sort of his own following because he’s a great guy.”

If you have ever tasted pigs on the wing

The whole concept came before Blues even opened it’s doors. Kevin and his original chef Nick durbin, his college roommate at UD, and they were sitting in Baltimore on the water at the cheesecake factory. They came up with the staple menu items that are still there today. It’s a reference to Pink Floyd song, Pigs on the Wing, <— (From Animals) They are very popular ever since, They are  the st louis cut rib, and they are more meaty and larger. Pork ribs.

They are first rubbed with borne sugar and cayenne and then they are smoked for four hours and then cut individually. After that they are flash fried, tossed in hot sauce and served up like a wing, but biggie style.

Suicide style—kicked up a notch, not for the feigns of heart.

Can’t drink anything and you get 10 minutes to down as many wings as possible. You have to sign a waiver.

The Rehoboth Foodie is going to be on site for the contest.