For Paul Marturano, his noodling on the piano started quite naturally at the age of 3 or 4 after discovering the Beatles on his Fisher Price record player. He began playing on the keys of his family’s piano in the living room. From there, his parents bolstered his curiosity by getting him formal lessons. He stuck with for a time, but to hear him tell it, playing by ear always felt more natural to him, and as it turned out, he was quite good.

Says Marturano, “I tried to learn the ‘right way’ to play, but I just played more ear. I kept at it, and I would play at school. I grew up with 80’s music; people like Elton John and Billy Joel, and I would play and people would sing —it was fun.” From there, Marturano took himself to coffee houses where he would solo and then eventually the gigs got bigger.

He’s built his resume in places like Atlantic City, and in various bands, even stepping into the spotlight on American Idol in it’s original incarnation, to play a joke on Paul Abdul! For the last 15 years, he’s also been involved in a form of dueling where no swords are drawn, and everybody wins… the duel of two pianos in what is perhaps the most fun two pianists and an audience can have together.

Not unlike his school days where he would play for sing-along audiences, the dueling pianos act is a fully interactive, all-request style performance, which Marturano says, makes it all the more fun. “We know hundreds—maybe thousands—of songs. And we get all kinds of requests from current pop hits to classics and even some rap!”

On December 5th, you can catch Marturano with his colleague John Callaghan at Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach for their Noble Experiment Party. The party is a Prohibition-era themed party where, for one night only from 7-10PM, the restaurant will transform into a speakeasy with flappers, gun slinging bootleggers, and of course, dueling pianos!

“We’ll be throwing in some music from the 1920’s,” says Marturano, “as well as taking requests.” It’s sure to be a lively night in Bethany Beach as everyone comes together to party for a great cause, Cocktails Curing Cancer. You can get your tickets by visiting www.bethanyblues.com where they start at just $35! This is a terrific opportunity to catch a truly lively act and enjoy throwback cocktails, delicious fare, and fundraising with attitude!

For more on the dueling pianist, Paul Marturano, visit his website at paulpiano.net or to book Off The Edge Dueling Piano act, contact Jared Cain at Shorebets Entertainment at (215) 884-4357.